Emerging Impact: The Power to Shape the Future of Health

Mental health is a public health issue, but are we really addressing it? Most public conversations and educational programs focus on teens, young adults, and general consumers. Yet one group has been overlooked: healthcare professionals, particularly physicians and veterinarians. The reality is, our docs and vets are not okay. They have the highest suicide rate of any profession. 64% of US doctors have reported pandemic burnout, and the number of veterinarians with psychological distress is more than 2x that of US adults.

Starting with the advent of “the Pill” more than 60 years ago, women have had greater control over their reproductive freedom than in any other time in history. With the recent US Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade, however, their reproductive autonomy is slowly eroding, and even their right to contraception is being threatened. Women have traditionally shouldered all the responsibility of family planning, mainly because they have had more contraceptive choices than men. As a result, men haven’t had as much of a stake in the game.

We’re humans first. So, why not understand your audience better at a human level by leveraging Behavioral Science? And unlock creative work that entertains, empathizes, and captivates them. From a new world in Minecraft to a Twitch live stream, from dog memes to sharing lyrics for a crowdsourced song, it’s thinking beyond what we know of health and wellness marketing. That’s where real impact emerges.

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