Rebranding Cancer

Monday, March 11th at 10am
Austin Marriott Downtown, Waterloo Ballroom 3
304 E Cesar Chavez St.

A brand promises an experience & cancer is the most iconic brand. It connotes ownable foreshadowing language & frightful expectations. But the 2nd leading cause of death in the US is losing ground to the most targeted treatment & prevention options to date. Cancer is no longer an automatic death sentence. 50% of people diagnosed now survive 10+ years. Despite this progress, the Big C brand hasn’t changed. The panel will address this powerful inflection point for oncology, bringing together a group of experts to discuss how to evolve the cancer brand into a true appraisal of oncology today. Ogilvy Health’s branding expert, Christianna Gorin, will moderate the discussion and will be joined by panelists who will address the challenges and opportunities associated with the rebranding of this disease from patient advocate, physician, and data insight perspectives.

Oncology Inflection Cover

We are entering a new era of cancer treatment. The steady progress medicine has made in reducing the overall mortality of this disease—one so dreaded that people feared to utter its name lest they conjure the condition—is likely to accelerate in the years ahead. As ample funding meets burgeoning breakthroughs and broader, better screening, the decades-long war on cancer is taking a significant toll on the disease. What was once a six-letter death sentence may one day turn into a chronic condition.

Lovely though this vision may be, it is not assured. Oncology is at a crossroads. The cost to end the scourge of cancer is enormous, while the people necessary to accomplish this feat are both unhappy and in short supply. Despite overall improvements, individual outcomes remain stubbornly unequal as is representation, and our own behaviors are fueling cancer’s pervasiveness.

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